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Marketrend is a market research agency located in Tokyo, Japan.
Especially devoted to quantitative research type studies, we offer a wide range of services from fieldwork only through to fully customized research. 

Research services cover all areas from defining survey objectives, questionnaire design/modification (localization fit to Japanese Market), sample design, pre-coding and development to data collection and analysis / reporting,
based on client's specifications/needs.

    As Your Japan-Based Market Research Partner
To grow in a challenging global marketplace you need clear understanding and insight to the dynamics of your customers and your markets. On conducting market research, we are engaged in acting as your liaison with Japan. Our mission is to give you relevant advice and recommend the most suitable market research methodology type.
     Experienced Interviewer Network

Our team consists of experienced marketing professionals, working with thoroughly trained, professional interviewers.  We strive to achieve the best possible results for project in a rapid turnaround and cost effective way. 

    Consistent High Quality Service
Achieving and maintaining high standards of quality is an essential element of our company policy. This is reflected at every stage of a research project, from project conception through to final data delivery.

We provide an interviewer training and advanced interviewing instruction, so fieldwork is supervised and monitored in accordance with strict procedures. We promise you to provide the best quality of fieldwork services and data delivery.
    Linguistic & Other Services
When conducting global market research study in Japan, cultural and linguistic differences are often frustrating. Even when an original research designs, such as sample composition, questionnaire design, and research objective, are perfect in western countries, there is a danger that miscommunication and misunderstanding can lead to costly disasters. We will provide the best quality translation service for questionnaire and Open-Ended answers.

(Questionnaire/ Open Ended Question Translation)
Data Processing

Our understanding of market research, the Japanese environment and bilingual ability ensures that Marketrend can provide the most appropriate methodology to meet all your needs.

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