Our Team
  Company Profile

We believe that one of the key elements to being successful in market research is the ability to listen and understand the needs of the client; including objectives, budgetary, time constraints and deliverables.  Our team consists of experienced marketing professionals, working with thoroughly trained, professional interviewers.

  Our Research Management Team Network

Throughout Japan, we have a fieldwork supervisor and interviewer network to guarantee flexibility and competitive budgets. Our fieldwork execution team is responsible for sampling, fieldwork, coding, data processing and tabulation.

          Fieldwork is carred out with 7 regional supervisors and 250 interviewers
          A net work of 400 face-to-face interviewers spread across Japan, to conduct
             in-home, hall, street, shop, place of work interviews
          In Tokyo and Osaka area, CAPI units are available.

Personal Service

Marketrend is dedicated to being a value-add partner to you. 
We would like to understand your needs and work with you to make
the Japan arm of any project a great success. 
We strive to achieve
the best possible results for project in a rapid turnaround and cost
effective way.

We combine a deep understanding of Japanese culture, the sectors concerned, the flexibility and the implication of specialized and professional teams of researchers and interviewers to ensure our services with reliability, effectiveness, and high-quality performance.

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