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Especially devoted to quantitative studies, we conduct traditional research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative research.

We recommend you to use quantitative research for a purpose of measuring awareness of companies, products, developing customer profiles, determining market size and consumer attitudes and behaviors scientifically.  This type of research is the best suited to product testing, specific hard data required for decision process. 

Quantitative market research methodologies include online surveys, personal interviews, mail surveys, intercept studies, and phone surveys. In accordance with your research objective, time requirements, and quality control issues; confidentiality level, we recommend the most suitable methodology for you.

   Quantitative research methodology types we conduct:
  *    Intercept Central Location Testing (CLT)
  *    Door-to-Door Interview
  *    Street Interview
  *    Phone Survey
  *    Mail Survey
  *    Online Survey
  *    In-person Testing
  *    Mystery Shopper Survey

Qualitative research is a powerful market research tool and is an excellent starting point, when you consider new product/ service entry in Japanese Market. Its methodologies are designed to gain understanding of how customers feel about a question/topic/product or service and range of consumer motivation and behaviors.

   Qualitative research methodology types we conduct:
  *    Focus group interview (6-8 group of people are the most suitable in Japan.)
  *    In-depth interviews (one interviewer - 1 or 2 respondents)

Marketrend will support you to localize your global research, if necessary, and to select the most appropriate methodology to meet your research needs by considering the specific requirements of the survey, such as survey length, stimulus, timing, and cost of delivery.


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